The desire to move from one place to another is an age old human impulse. Whether as explorers on a quest for a new world or as immigrants in search of a better life or better employment opportunities, people today are migrating in unprecedented numbers around the world.

We, at Migration Law Firm, understand this human need and the challenges it involves deeply and personally. It is with this understanding that the Migration Law Firm was founded – to provide best-in-class legal services to individuals, families and corporates looking for assistance on immigration matters within Australia.

We understand that immigration issues have life-altering impact for our clients which is why, for us, integrity and trust are the cornerstone of our firm. Migration Law Firm is accessible, responsive and empathetic to your needs and seeks to form an understanding and long lasting relationships with you as we seek to help you achieve your goals. The advice we provide is honest, constructive and ethical. We always strive to find practical solutions for you within the law.

Immigration policy is constantly adapting to the need of the hour and in order to provide the best advice we are committed to constantly growing our subject matter expertise in the field.

At Migration Law Firm, we take pride in having a deep understanding of the law and staying up-to-date with the policy changes. We continuously invest in resources that ensure access to current Australian immigration law and policy and we regularly undertake Continuing Professional Development courses to keep abreast of the ever changing area of Australian immigration.

Who We Are

Migration Law Firm was founded by Ashish Sethi, Director and Principal Solicitor. Ashish has been admitted as Solicitor and Barrister to the NSW Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia.

Ashish started his career as a Mechanical Engineer and then an Advocate with the Punjab and Haryana High Court, India. He migrated to Sydney, Australia in 2007 to study Law at University of Sydney, NSW, graduating with distinction as a Master in Laws in 2008 and then went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Australian Legal Practice from University of Technology Sydney. Ashish’s personal and professional journey as an immigration lawyer is the foundation of the firm’s vision and principles.