Migration Law Firm..

An Australian law firm that works with you to plan a course of action to smoothly navigate the highly complex and codified Australian immigration laws and policy.


Preparing and submitting visa applications for our clients makes us a boutique migration law firm in Sydney.

Change is the only constant and we at Migration Law Firm remain abreast of new laws and regulations and the dynamic policy landscape.


Our professional attitude stems from our experience in the field and we are strong believers in the fact that unless you are professional in your work, results won’t pour in. We will give you all sorts of professional advice related to sponsorship, citizenship applications, specialist entry visas, visitor visas, humanitarian and refugee visas and much more.


2+2 is not always four in what we deal in. Every situation is different and needs to be handled differently. We analyse the problem from a 360° angle so that no stone is left unturned in drafting a customized solution. Providing strategic advice to our clients on the complex facets of immigration is our forte and we offer highly personalized and tailored services to our clients.


We know the mental agony you are in when you are unable to comprehend the Immigration Policies and Procedures. To make things easy, we will provide our unprecedented support no matter when and where you need it. We will stay by you during the otherwise complex and confusing environment.


A stitch in time saves nine and we at Migration Law Firm believe in providing prompt and appropriate solutions to our clients so that we can match the pace of the dynamism in the environment. We ensure that the applications are processed well in time for a positive outcome.


Time is money and given the fact that we are in a race against time, we strive to provide efficient services within promised duration. We want to give you a better quality of life by managing visa and immigration formalities on your behalf.


We aim at providing transparent and accurate information to our clients no matter how hard or easy it is. We don’t make claims which are hard to accomplish. We believe in simplicity without compromising on the quality of work.

About Us

We are more than just your lawyers. We believe in nurturing long-lasting strategic relationships.

People are travelling across the seas in search of better opportunities and while they book their tickets and start weaving fancy stories of a better life ahead, they forget the legal issues that might pop up when they land on foreign soil. Our objective is to be deliver comprehensive services to our clients through a committed and professional approach.

Migration Law Firm

Our Services

Have some immigration issue that is bothering you? Don’t be in doldrums and walk up to us because we take pride in being a boutique law firm where we assist our clients on visa requirements and provide efficient strategies and solutions to individuals, families and corporate clients on complex immigration issues.

A law business plan is a document that summarizes the operational and consulting objectives

Why Choose Us?

Migration Law Firm was founded by Ashish Sethi, Director and Principal Solicitor. Ashish has been admitted as Solicitor and Barrister to the NSW Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia. Migration Law Firm is a boutique law firm with a dedicated focus on Australian immigration law and policy. We provide legal services to individuals, families, corporate clients and also partner with other like-minded legal and immigration service groups.

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Suite 9, 281-287 Sussex Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000

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