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We position our clients at the forefront of their field by advancing an agenda.

Migration Law Firm is a boutique law firm with a dedicated focus on Australian immigration law and policy. We provide legal services to individuals, families, corporate clients and also partner with other like-minded legal and immigration service groups.

Have some immigration issue that is bothering you? Don’t be in doldrums and walk up to us because we take pride in being a boutique law firm where we assist our clients on visa requirements and provide efficient strategies and solutions to individuals, families and corporate clients on complex immigration issues.

We want to nurture strategic alliance with all our clients and that is why all our conversations are confidential and are strictly governed by the ethics of the profession.

We are immigration experts where providing tailored solutions is our forte and we provide comprehensive assistance to:

Law Firms and Solicitors

As immigration experts, we can collaborate with solicitors and law firms to take on, as referrals, cases requiring legal expertise on the subject. We can work with you in the background and prepare appeals to immigration review courts and tribunals.

Individuals and Families

We manage the applications for work, skilled and family visas and assist with appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. Drafting associated applications, submitting the documents and advising them on different facets for securing their long-term goals in Australia is our motive.

Immigration Professionals

If you are a professional who wants to make it big in Australia and are looking for a partner who can help you sail through your journey, then we are your legal partners who will navigate you through the immigration law and policy of the country and discuss with you different strategies that can help you achieve your professional goals. If you want we can shadow you in whatever you do and provide you legal advice at every move you make.

Corporate and SMEs

Have business acumen and are waiting for the right channel while in Australia? That is where we can help you by advising you on Australian Immigration Law and Policy, immigration obligations and compliance requirements. By following collaborative service approach we aim to ensure compliance in all immigration regulations by working closely with CFOs, CEOs and HR professionals so that every single move is within the legal boundaries. To protect the interest of the employers, we devise customized compliance plans so that the risks and liabilities are reduced and our clients are the ultimate beneficiaries.

What we have in store for you?