Migration Law Firm is a boutique law firm with a dedicated focus on Australian immigration law and policy. We provide legal services to individuals, families, corporate clients and also partner with other like-minded legal and immigration service groups.

For Individuals and families: We project-manage your applications for work, skilled and family visas and assist with appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. We will draft the associated applications, the legal submissions, advice on all aspects of the application including health and character and work with you on obtaining the information and documents required in support of the application.

For Partner law firms and Solicitors: We can collaborate with Solicitors and law firms to take on, as referrals, cases requiring legal expertise related to immigration issues. We can work with you in the background or assist your clients in a particular matter and hand them back to you.

For Immigration Professionals: We can provide legal advice related to immigration law and policy and also discuss strategy with you that would be best suited for your clients. Unless otherwise necessary, we can work directly with you in the background to assist you with your applications, legal submissions and immigration strategy while you continue to be the front runner in all interactions with the end client.

For Corporates and SMEs: We advise employers on Australian immigration law and policy, immigration obligations and compliance requirements. We also assist with all aspects of employer-related applications including nomination applications and legal submissions concerning the genuineness of the position.

It is important to remember that any discussions that you have with us is also protected by lawyer-client privilege and therefore any information that you provide us is strictly confidential.

What We Do

Migration Law Firm can assist with all types of immigration matters and visa applications which include, but are not limited to:

  • Employer Sponsored Temporary Work Visas
  • Employer Nominated Permanent Visas
  • Partner and Prospective Spouse Visas
  • Student Visas
  • Parent and Child Visas
  • Temporary and Permanent Regional Visas
  • Permanent and Temporary Skilled Migration Visas
  • Investment and Business Visas
  • Resident Return Visas
  • Australian Citizenship application
  • Appeal at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Public Interest Criterion related to Character and Health