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About Us

We are more than just your lawyers. We believe in nurturing long-lasting strategic relationships.

People are travelling across the seas in search of better opportunities and while they book their tickets and start weaving fancy stories of a better life ahead, they forget the legal issues that might pop up when they land on foreign soil. Our objective is to be deliver comprehensive services to our clients through a committed and professional approach.

We at Migration Law Firm take pride in providing accurate, precise and transparent information to the clients related to visa applications and processing so that there are no year long delays. We aim to provide exceptional legal services to individuals, families and corporate houses by minimizing paperwork and guiding them at every step of the complex immigration process within Australia.


Providing customized solutions to all kinds of immigration problems within Australia is the only motive of the team at Migration Law Firm and connecting with our clients on a tangent where they feel comfortable is what we target.

We know that Australian Immigration Law and Policies change frequently and for this reason, we undertake Continuing Professional Development Courses so that we don’t miss any new aspect that has been added or deleted in the rules. Knowledge is power and we at Migration Law Firm are powerful because we strongly believe in detailed analysis and comprehension.

Our Value Our Mission
We are passionate about our work and are committed to deliver through our teamwork, integrity and expertise.
Migration Law Firm
To stay connected with our clients and provide straight forward to complex solutions on multiple matters in a dynamic environment through constant improvement and remarkable service delivery. .
Migration Law Firm
Why choose us

There are many law firms but why choose us

Migration Law Firm was founded by Ashish Sethi, Director and Principal Solicitor. Ashish has been admitted as Solicitor and Barrister to the NSW Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia.

Ashish started his career as a Mechanical Engineer and then an Advocate with the Punjab and Haryana High Court, India. He migrated to Sydney, Australia in 2007 to study Law at University of Sydney, NSW, graduating with distinction as a Master in Laws in 2008 and then went on to complete a Graduate Diploma in Australian Legal Practice from University of Technology Sydney. Ashish’s personal and professional journey as an immigration lawyer is the foundation of the firm’s vision and principles.

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