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As people embark on journeys in search of better opportunities, they often overlook the legal intricacies awaiting them abroad. Our mission is to provide comprehensive services with a dedicated and professional approach. At Migration Law Firm, we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, transparent information regarding visa applications and processing, minimizing delays. Our goal is to offer exceptional legal services to individuals, families, and corporate entities by streamlining paperwork and guiding them through Australia’s complex immigration process. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored solutions to immigration challenges within Australia, prioritizing client comfort and satisfaction. Recognizing the dynamic nature of Australian Immigration Law and Policies, we continuously pursue Continuing Professional Development to ensure we remain abreast of any changes. Knowledge empowers us, and our commitment to detailed analysis and understanding makes us a formidable ally at Migration Law Firm.

Our team

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Ashish Sethi

Principal Solicitor

Ashish Sethi is the founder of Migration Law Firm. He graduated with distinction from University of Sydney (Master of Laws) and is admitted as Solicitor and Barrister to the NSW Supreme Court and the High Court of Australia. Ashish has 14 years legal of experience in the immigration industry. Ashish is known for his passion for researching complex legal issues and providing expert immigration advice. He is committed to delivering exceptional service to his clients and takes a strategic approach to resolving complicated immigration matters.

Peter Toms


Peter Toms is admitted as Solicitor and Barrister to the NSW Supreme Court with a passion for immigration law. Before transitioning into a legal career, Peter spent almost a decade working in education with newly arrived migrants and refugee students and adult international students in the ELICOS sector. This experience has given him a unique perspective on the needs of people migrating to Australia.


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Ashish’s personal and professional journey as an immigration lawyer is the foundation of the firm’s vision and principles. Our team comprises seasoned immigration lawyers who specialize in navigating the complexities of immigration law. We combine legal expertise with genuine compassion for our clients. We understand that immigration matters are deeply personal and impactful. Our commitment is to guide you through the process with care and precision.

At our firm, we take the time to understand your unique situation, aspirations, and challenges. Our personalized approach ensures that your needs are met, whether you’re an individual, a family, or a business seeking immigration solutions.